Languages translation strings usable in custom fields
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TIPS - Languages translation strings usable in custom fields

How to use custom fields in a multilingual context

Or how to translate some parts of your custom fields.

You can use translation strings in custom fields in some cases (incomplete list):

-The custom field label
-The description
-The text of the values in a list, checkboxes or radio buttons.
For example:
Radio button: I agree
Text of value Yes: JYES
Text of value No: JNO
The translation strings JYES and JNO already exists in Joomla! core.
The two translation strings above must be replaced with your own translation. You can use the language override feautre of Joomla! to create such translation strings. They are stored in the database in the table #__overrider and also written in the overrides folder corresponding in frontend and backend of your site to JPATH_BASE/language/overrides
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