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Don't let technical problems kill your ambitions.

Automating Your World With Joomla
Unleash the true potential of your website with the Power of API.

You don't know what an API is?


An API (in this specific case a Web Service) allows machines to talk to each other through the network (internet).
That means that when for example you are using the Map App on your phone or desktop, in the "background" the app calls an API on another server all the away around the globe somewhere and gives your app back the information of the location you wanted to go to.( Navigation API, Geolocation API, Address API). That's how it works. That 's the big picture.

APIs "augment" the capabilities of your current website by giving it pluggable behaviors. (Payment API, Shipping API, Tax API, Weather API, etc...).

Now how is it useful to you?

For example if you need to connect the data of your e-commerce shop with your CRM and or Analytics platform. This can be done through APIs because most if not all of your favorite software or platforms usually has their own APIs so that developers like me can help you achieve your goals using those APIs.


  • Hits: 1493